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Mini Documentaries

In Post Production

Beauty and Wine of the Central Coast

While exploring California's Central Coast's vast and magical landscapes, one can’t help but be swept away. It’s hard to miss that much of this beauty if captured in the sophistication of the wineries in the area. I want to interview the winemakers and share their stories about the place and the wine.

Sizzle Reel

In Production

Why We Mow?

A short documentary about lawncare - focused on homeowners who choose to maintain their own lawns.

Asking the important questions such as:

  • How often do they mow?
  • What equipment do they use?
  • Why do they do it?
  • Couldn't they just pay to have it done for them?
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In Production

How To Be A Good Neighbor?

Who do you consider to be your neighbor and what makes a good neighbor vs a bad one? Ultimately, do you consider yourself to be a good neighbor - why or why not?

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In Development

Why Did/Do You Serve?

Fascinating stories about personal reasons for joining the military and their experiences during and after service.

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In Development

Take Another Look

Pilot Episode: The Wrong Description

TV Docuseries

After visiting his local bank and withdrawing money from the ATM, a man is pulled over by the cops and approaches his vehicle with guns drawn...

Treatment © 2023 Marc Sternberg; WGAE Registered

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Script Development

Teleplay Script

SITA: Spies In The Air

TV Series (Teleplay)

Pilot Episode: Remove The 'E'

© 2023 Marc Sternberg; WGAE Registered

Concept (series):

A three-season sci-fi/fantasy story about one of the world's leading scientific minds who has gone missing and his daughter's attempts to find him and restore his position.

Logline (series):

An epic journey storyline about betrayal, power struggles involving governmental overreach and control, and the use of both technology and science to overcome fundamental human flaws. The world is seduced by powerful leaders who usurp their freedom, and ultimately, a new society is formed out of the remnants who resist this new world order – at a high cost and coordinated effort; a new society is formed in the colonization of Mars.