Take Another Look: an 8-Part Docuseries

Glimpses into moments of high racial tension

Pilot Episode: The Wrong Description

Based on the true story of an
African-American man who was accused of fitting the description of a bank
robber in the modern-day South. Uncover how an innocent individual can become
entangled in a life-altering moment simply due to a physical description with
some similarities. 

Pilot Episode: The Wrong Description

THE WRONG DESCRIPTION depicts the real-life outcomes of how racial profiling and excessive violence impact innocent individuals within the African-American community.

Law enforcement, without any knowledge or regard for a person's character or reputation in their community, can incorrectly assume that a person fits the description of an innocent individual accused of a crime with the only similarity to the actual suspect and themselves being the color of
their skin.

We invite you to connect with the main character, JP, and be moved enough by his traumatic experience with the law.  

The Wrong Description: Sizzle Reel

The Team

  • Tommy Wood

    Director of Photography / Co-Director

  • Princeton Drake

    Writer / Co-Director / Executive Producer

  • Marc Sternberg



Project Scope

Take Another Look TV Docuseries

Our hope is that THE WRONG DESCRIPTION provides a thought-provoking context that spurs dialogue around topics of racial profiling and racism, as well as what constitutes both good and bad police work.

Through this unfortunate event, our audience will gain knowledge of how an individual can, in a split second, find themselves in a life-altering event that could be merely based on a wrong and preconceived judgment.

We believe situations like these are avoidable in the future and let’s start working through these issues with real-life situations like this one as a platform for discussion, educating and healing.